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by Avila Queen

A good body fragrance naturally has the potential to attract some good guy to you where you are seated. I can’t imagine life without this special everyday companion. You smell good, you feel good, and then a man draws to you like the pull effect of a magnet.

In this post, I will share with you why a body fragrance should always be a part of you. I will also recommend my very own preferences and hope you would see why I use them for that great effect.

There goes a beautiful, smelly!

We all want to be in a productive and rewarding love relationship. Somehow too, we are left with the responsibility to work that out, and in working it out on your own, your body smell will have its role to play. Take this to heart, babe; men are cautious when it comes to their relationship and they get irritated easily when things are not in the right places for the woman they attempt to date. Stepping on their wrong switch, they leave without looking back, gone forever, lost into thin air, leaving you wondering what went wrong.

One such wrong switch in every man is ‘bad smell from a woman’. Both ways though, we women equally can’t stand a bad small, but trust me, we are more tolerant and even we would make attempt to help our men adjust in line. But for most men, they had just throw you into a trash can like left-over bones of a delicious, roasted turkey. So, the one reason why a body fragrance is a MUST for you and I!

The five pretty gains of wearing a body fragrance

There are gains in smelling good, woman; as far as your relationship is concerned. If you really want that man of yours all bout you, you need to ensure ‘the pretty fives’ are all your everyday gains.

ATTRACTIVENESS: Babe, smelling nice will most likely keep your man close, and if you are still searching, with a good body fragrance, a truckload of good guys will always drive by. A good body fragrance complements your physical appearance. It particularly stimulates the human sense of smell and in this case, a man is the prey, your first ‘kill’.

Avila Forever Mine is my choice on this. This wholesome body fragrance rocks and would never disappoint. Never out of stock, you can get yours always at the Avila Naturalle’s online store, like I always do.

CONFIDENCE: Wearing a body fragrance will make you feel confident than not wearing one. How about smelling like a bucket of roses centered in the nucleus of a dozen handsome gentlemen; or working into a conference room of well groomed male executives, with your roseberry-scented, soul-soothing body fragrance submitted their attention at your feet?

Try Havilah Oud for a change and tell me if I was wrong recommending it. It’s the one I had recommend if you want to try something new. It’s a great option and it leaves your confidence alive and excited to go with you for the day.

SENSUALITY: My dear, the end point of smelling like a million dollars is being sensual to your partner. Smelling good and nice will make your Bobo seek you out anytime he enters a room. Spraying a subtly scented fragrance (not Aboki perfume o, abeg) with a sexy lingerie is enough to create a romantic mood. Oh, my good, gracious Avila Jordanne Perfume Oil. I call it Jody for short. It’s a mood maker and you had be lost in romance in seconds. Make a go for it here.

MEMORY ASSOCIATION: Being consistent with a particular fragrance can connect your man with you and let it remain so till thy kingdom come! Your body fragrance is your identity, somewhat. It’s your brand, so to say. When your man is used to it, he associates you with it even if the scent is coming from a she-devil in his place of work.

EMOTIONAL CONNECTION: For me, nothing screams emotional connection between my partner and I than him smelling me during romance and literally going crazy because of my fragrance and scent. So, be like me and invest in body fragrances like Avila Forever Mine, Avila Jordanne Perfume Oil, and Havilah Oud to create a stronger emotional connection with your Boo always.

Ofcourse, there are many more pretty gains of wearing a body fragrance. To know more, this interesting post will do.

Thanks for reading. For all womanly reasons, Avila soulfully cares!

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