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Episode 1: Love your man like we want you to love organic skincare!

A couple to emulate, the Mr amd Mrs Clegg are a happy and wealthy couple who seems to have all going. Until a bubble burst during the birthday bash of Mrs Clegg, creating a puzzle with no ready answer at sight.

by Avila Queen

Organic skincare should be a thing for every woman, as every woman should indeed love her man the way we always wish you love our natural (or organic skincare) products at Avila Naturalle. While we hope this will sink, here’s a 25 week long online story for your entertainment. But most importantly, to help us understand how to be better lovers and home keepers. Story contributed by the AlimoshoToday.com editorial team.

MR and Mrs Clegg are a couple to copy. At 41, a dear gentleman, Babajide Clegg has made his mark as a successful businessman, an oil magnet whose stand in the league can’t go unnoticed. Ireti Clegg, 36, on her part, successfully runs a chain of organic skincare cosmetics shops, eight of them located in UK and two in the US. 

The couple resides at Lekki Peninsula. Always home alone to themselves, their two daughters, Bola and Remilekun, rarely stick around. Studying in France, they only visit when they are on holiday, hence, giving the couple the opportunity to tighten their enduring bond. Their home, a palatial mansion, stands tall and distinct among the many other impressive architectural masterpieces around and very fit for the lovebirds. 

On this very day, all roads lead to the Clegg’s mansion. Mrs. Ireti Clegg is 36 and the entire Lekki Peninsula is on standstill. Dignitaries from all over are turning in in tens as music take over the air. You had say Ireti is the typical virtuous woman the Holy Book illustrated in Proverbs 33, for her husband has ensured the party is a history maker; an atmosphere designed for the rich and the rich only, such that Linda Ikeji blog would want to feature on its special edition.

Ireti herself is over joyous. As the party comes alive and the guests shuttle between social dialogues among themselves and the rich delicacies swept all over the tables, she emerges into the and graciously dance her way into the nucleus of the party. The ovation was overwhelming. The cheers aloud and the admiralty, very flattering. 

Behold, a organic skincare beauty!

In a move to gain her the attention she duly deserves, the Master of Ceremony waves towards the stage and the sixteen-man band puts a stop to their sonorous noise immediately. Then the celebrant is handed a microphone. With a radiant beauty only Avila Naturalle’s organic skincare products could only make happen, it would be tough to follow her speech as a result of the hypnotizing effect of her dazzling looks and radiant skin.

Holding the microphone to her mouth, she begins her speech, “I’m fortunate to have married the best husband on Planet Earth”. 

The admiring crowd cut in with an applause.

“…Without my sweetheart, I don’t know where I may be today. I am a year older today, yes, but in my heart, I celebrate my hearthrob everyday. We started rough, very rough, very, very rough, but today I have my God to thank for the open doors. Then, my husband to thank for walking us through the doors. 

“Where are you, honey?” She looks around for her husband in the crowd. “Oh, here you are!” She says as Jide emerges unto the centrestage, escorted with a deafening cheer from the guests. Then, kneeling down before him, she goes on, “Thank you, my husband. Thank you for being the man in my life”, then she rises and throws herself around him.

Next her husband takes over the microphone. “Thank you, my beautiful wife”. And so beautiful are you that without my meals, your beauty is enough delicious swallow to help keep hunger away.  

“Yes oo! My Oga you too much”, a joker yelled aloud from the crowd and caused an unnecessary laughter. Apparently, the joker is one of the security men from the office. A stern, correctional look from his immediate senior shuts him down immediately.

The woman in between

But in the midst of it all, somewhere in a corner, a young woman sits quietly looking at the ongoing. She is pregnant, her big belle very obvious. Her gaze is focused on the man holding on to the microphone and her heart beats very fast. Why did I come to this party? Why would Jide bring me into his lioness’ den? How on earth can I be this stupid to be here? She interrogates herself from within her in awe.

Her name is Ekaette. And secretly, she had been a valuable part of BabaJide’s life, five years straight.

(Continues Next week)

Avila cares.

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